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Having provided corporate car services to a number of clients in Doxford International Business Park, it became apparent to us that some of our clients have problems with their staff being able to get parked near their place of work. Around 8000 people are employed by blue chip companies at Doxford International so its no surprise that Parking can be a nightmare. We came up with a simple idea that has been well received and is being well used by clients in Doxford Park and other areas of the Northeast.

We are able to source you extra parking spaces in and around the local area and run a reliable, professional shuttle bus to and from the additional parking areas, ensuring all of your staff are parked securely and at work on time.

The shuttle buses run alongside your peak shifts, and there are no limits to the amount parking spaces we can source or the amount of staff we can shuttle to and from your offices.

If this is something you think your company might benefit from, then get in touch with us today and we can start working together to find a solution to your parking problem.

All part of the Park Executive Service.